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Tubing and Casing Heads

Tubing and Casing Heads

Parmaco Tubing and Casing Heads are built of the highest quality American made materials to provide many years of service to our customers.  The bodies of our heads are machined from a piece of 1026 hot rolled seamless steel tubing. The outlets are bored and threaded into the same piece of material. The outlets are not welded on. Most of our heads available in male and female configurations; many are even available as a weld on.

The slips for our heads are made from 1026 hot rolled tubing that has been hardened to 45 Rockwell. They are sealed with top rings and a neoprene rubber seal that has a durometer of 65-70.

The mandrel in our mandrel heads is made from 1026 hot rolled tubing also. It is sealed with double O-rings.

The top cap on our heads is the only cast material on our heads. It is cast in one of the finest foundries in our region. They are made from ASTM 65-45-12 DUCTILE IRON. They are machined in our shop with the rest of the components if our heads.

Not all of our Tubing and Casing Heads are listed, contact us for more info.

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